Fat Hippo Underground


If I had one word to describe Fat Hippo it most definitely would be Food-Porn. It has picked one thing (Burgers) and just knocked its socks off, making them to perfection. I love a good 'Dirty' Burger...sorry this is getting all a bit Nigella but I do and now I'm bitterly disappointed if its not as good as a Fat Hippo Burger. 

We normally frequent the Jesmond Restaurant (see above pic) but I've been meaning to try the new sister venue in Newcastle, just off Grey Street - Fat Hippo Underground. So it was the obvious choice when we planned a little family 'Day in the Toon' last weekend. Its going to be our new Christmas tradition, See Fenwick's Window, the Christmas lights, catch a Panto and obviously some seriously good festive food.

Fat Hippo goes festive...

I was a little nervous about the whole "Underground" thing as sometimes I can get a bit claustrophobic and while the stair case in is quite steep, it actually feel's very light and spacious once your in or under shall I say; looking very festive at the minute with their Tree up. The boys said it was cool because the stone wall's are like the 'Batcave'....

Its was non stop busy on our visit (no surprise there) but they have started using this great system that we are well upto speed on as it is used everywhere in Texas. At very busy times, you give your name/number and they text you when a table is available so instead of waiting around you can grab a bit more shopping time. Luckily for us though my Mum got their first and by the time we had a 'Christmas Jumper Meltdown'...don't ask, the table was ready for us when we got there. Mums are good like that.  

If you're a regular at my Blog you know our 3 year old Oscar is half wild dog and half expresso, so I never relish taking him to eat out even though we actually have a good success rate I'm still always on edge. However from previously going to Fat Hippo, I know they have loads of great colouring pictures, crayons and a fab kid menu for just £5 per meal. I wouldn't say this was a place bursting with kids, don't be put off if you don't have any but definitely Family friendly.  

It was just as well because Oscar did decide to throw an absolute wobbler, obviously for the first time in ages in a crowded restaurant because he didn't win 'Pull the Cracker' ...which he STOLE off the tree anyway. The bustling atmosphere disguised this though and on top the staff couldn't have been more helpful or kind bringing over more colouring things, paying him some attention and of course another cracker. I could have kissed the Manageress at that point. Kind staff are literally all a frazzled/embarrassed parent cares about with a wilful, tired, hungry and or upset child. Top marks from us.

I wasn't kidding....

We all ordered different things and equal food envy all round. The husband got a 'Stinky Pete' delicious apparently, The mother bear is ceoliac so ordered the Cajun Chicken Burger with gluten free bread "a delight" in her own words and I had to break tradition from the American when I spotted The Rudolph burger...Oh My Days. That is all. It has 2 pattys, turkey stuffing, Camembert and cranberry sauce; I just pray they keep this all year round. Between us including the kids, substantial meals we had a mixture of Chips, Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Rings also all demolished. 

Kids Meal, Chicken Filet.

The Rudolph 

Stinky Pete...him a bit too.

Gluten Free

It is no wonder there is a Kitchen roll on each table, its just messy, brioche, fried yummyness at its best. I don't even think they would raise a brow if you brought a bib with you. I'm not quite sure how but the boys managed a chocolate milk shake each too and while Oscar was having his paddy I managed to sneak a long slurp, Archie was right they are "Amazing". 

Happy again!

I couldn't fault a single thing here, a perfect child friendly pit stop in the Town Centre...what are you waiting for?  


  1. Fab review - we love the fat hippo. I like how they also serve chicken burgers for kids which helps my fusspot Heidi. Eeeee can't believe O stole a cracker from the tree. He is hilarious! Staff seemed fab though :-) I'm craving a fat hippo now!

  2. Those burgers look immense! I need one! x