The Perfect Girls night in! #ProseccoStand

So I was well over due a girls night, but this time of year it freezing and everyone is skint so I decided to have it at my house and it...ho ho ho coincided with the release of 'Magic Mike XXL'...major eye candy and perfect chick flick if you haven't seen it. So that was it I decide to do a grown up version of my Movie Party which I did for Archie's birthday. 

Think Prosecco Cocktails and Gourmet Popcorn...  I suddenly thought we might be needing something more substantial with the amount of drinkie poos we normally put away but I couldn't bother to cook so I decided to book the lovely Paul Here to cook for us too. Paul, Prosecco and Popcorn...Perfect! Say that fast 3 times. 

The Movie

I got the living room all set up with the spare bed mattress down, its just a queen so super light but perfect for slobbing out and my nice bedding...not the kids ones he he. Some cushions,  fairy lights and candles all very cosy and girlie. Ordered Magic Mike XXL ....sorted.

Popcorn Stand 

Paul more than had the food covered but I decided to do a Popcorn Stand as what's a movie without it? I went for my favourite, Sweet and Salty put a ladle out, some bowls, some cinnamon and vanilla sugar sprinkles, lots of goodies to add in and mix up!

Pimp your Prosecco

The drinks? I love Prosecco...me and all the girls do so I decided to do some Prosecco Cocktails and wouldn't you believe that Morrison's had Magnums on for £10 that week. So I set up a little station. 

Glasses, ice bucket, some syrups like Elderflower, Cherry and some Chamboard. Cherry's and frozen Raspberry's. Tropical juice and some Lemon Vodka for an extra kick. I put some little ribbon around the glasses and charm so no one got mixed up, which were £1  for 8 from my fav poundland. 

I honestly haven't laughed so much in ages. The food, the film, the drinks and company was brill. We had such a howl and even prank called the husband, it was brilliant...As they say Girls just want to have fun....

Laugh until it hurts....

Prank calling the Husband! 

I cant remember much after the last picture but when is the next one?.....

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  1. That looks like just the best girls night in! I really need this in my life x

  2. Great tip on the blackboards, they could come in handy for the wedding! Dying to know what you did to poor Chris!

    1. Ah defo have a look at the link. ...I cant say about chris though that would be telling ha ha x

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