Harry Potter Gift Box.

My boys have become Harry Potter obsessed overnight which I am loving because who doesn't love a bit of Hogwarts?! 


Mantra Thai...Posh dining for kids?

If you know me, you know I love to EAT and whilst I really like to cook I have to say I definitely prefer to eat out. I just adore the atmosphere, trying new food I wouldn't maybe temp my self and not to mention no dishes to wash. I'm delighted this is wearing off on my boys, they too love to get "smart" as they say and go out for a meal. As much as this is true I still have a panic on if we are ever going anywhere a bit more up market...or that doesn't have a little soft play in the corner!


Gin and Tonic Cupcakes and a Cake #recipe

These have been so popular I have had to blog it again, I also made a cake version last week from my friend who love's gin and needed a treat. I think cakes are quicker to make or less faff anyway but the choice is upto you...


Can the Housework wait?

Please tell me this is not just my house?!

Last week I took my littlest out for a walk while his brother was at school, and I stopped at a cafe with a park opposite hoping for 5 minutes peace. Oz was being his usual crazy self though and as usual I felt a bit frazzled stopping him doing several mental things; including having a poop on the grass..."because dogs do it!". I was trying not to cry into my now cold cuppa as well as thinking at home it also looked like I was losing a game of Jumanji, just then a little old lady piped up. "Aw they are only little once, just enjoy him"......

I resisted the urge to say "Excuse me did you need to carry around dog bags when your children were little?!" ...I just smiled and agreed but I couldn't stop my self pouring out "There is always SO much to do though...so much housework...which they create" The lady, called Ann 67, went on to tell me about her two mild mannered daughters (that explained why I had more grey hair than her) and then she gave me another nugget of wisdom....