Vitamin Infusion. #centralhealthcare

Now a days with people are so health and fitness concious, terms like Paleo, Vegan and Leg day are no longer a foreign language. So its no surprise anything that can help detox, boost immunity and make you feel fresh to death is so popular and Vitamin Infusions do just that. When I heard that Central Healthcare were doing Vitamin Infusions I was so excited because I had initially saw them on holiday in LA over 10yrs ago, and actually tried an oxygen treatment which was fab. Thankfully like most things they have taken their time to get over the pond but now here in the UK and NOT just London, oh no we have a gorgeous clinic in the Toon too. 


Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake!

I'm Ashlie and I'm addicted to Peanut Butter.... 

Any excuse to eat it I'm there, so the school bake sale I bashed this beauty together and I have to say it was AMAZING also gone in 60 secs....literally. So here it is....


Custard Cream Cake. #recipe

I love a Custard Cream...who doesn't actually?! However I do have a special relationship with them, as they were my go to snack with both my babies. At 2am when you cant remember what sleep is, with a unsettled baby there is nothing better with a cuppa. It truly gives me good memory's so I wanted to create a cake them and when the school said they were having a bake sale....perfect testers.