What is Buckingham Palace like?

On New Years I found out that my Mum was included in the honours list to get a CBE...thats a Commander of the British Empire to us, for service to Business and Entrepreneurship... basically for being a superstar in her job and helping so many other people in the North East in their business a lot of the time for free. I wasn't really surprised because
I've nagged her for years about being a workaholic but I was blown away proud. Some people don't know but when I was younger my Dad suddenly passed away, my Mum was just 37 when she became a widow. It wasn't easy for any of us but where some people would have hidden under a rock she threw herself into her job, helping others and raising me and brother, I haven't even mentioned thats she is also the Swedish Consulate!

Incase you're not aware its not a simple task to even be nominated for any award from the Queen, the process is long and complicated, obviously you have to have a valid reason and several letters of recommendation from people supporting it too before Her Majesty gets a chance to agree you are the bees knees! So after all this amazement had sunk in I suddenly realised.... we would also be going to Buckingham Palace...and after a panicked phone call from me to confirm that she was allowed 3 guests so I was definitely going inside and meeting a Royal...GET IN.

After a few months build up the day finally arrived, the husband unfortunately wasn't allowed in the Palace but decided to come along anyway for support so that made 5 of us including my Mums business partner and nominator Charlotte. We kicked things off by travelling First Class with Virgin Trains, I was really impressed with the service and refreshments; we naturally brought along a bottle of bubbles but on week days alcohol is complimentary in FC so we all also indulged in several G and Ts. We were staying with friends in Fuham so headed straight there for a late supper but early night as had to be at the palace by 10am sharp.

Thats Flat Stanley from our friend in LA

I thought with a child free night I would have had a lie in but wether Oscars 5am rising has conditioned me or it was nerves I was pacing about unpacking and repacking my handbag by 5.30am. We were going to hire a hair and makeup artist but we couldn't get anyone to come around so early, no biggie I worked my magic on both of us....is there is nothing contour can't fix? I also got this amazing band for my updo which was £8 but literally took 10mins to do my hair. Tutorial coming soon for all your Wedding, Races etc this summer so easy. Anyway bit brekkie and it was time to go.

Pulling up outside The Palace was incredible, it was a stunning day so tourists were out in force lining the gates, it was so weird when we got out of the car though in our Sunday best when people starting taking pictures of us. It went a bit mental when the husband took the picture below and we walked in the actual entrance....celebs for the day. Feel sorry for them now looking at the pictures thinking who even is that? ...Just a family from NE29 ha....

Walking into the actual Palace and being known to faint from time to time my brother looked at me and said "DONT you even dare!" I promised I wouldn't but it was absolutely magnificent. The grand decor, soliders and orchestra playing was just unreal. A quick loo break, before everyone's phones were confiscated and it was time for the ceremony. Mother Bear was lead away while we were sat church style in the grand hall with the other guests. Prince Charles then entered...not going to lie I was a little bit disappointed it wasn't Queenie because Ive wanted to meet her since I was a Royalist little girl who sent letters to her and got one back. My pride and joy. I love her but it was her 90th birthday celebration week so maybe she had had too much sherry cake or whatever I will let her off; still really cool see the future King.

The orchestra started up and a bit like the apprentice one by one the investitures were led to the stage to receive their award. After someone was knighted....with a sword and everything Mother bears CBE is special so she was one of the first up. After that it was two hrs of watching others get hers, some were really interesting like services to the ebola crisis and my personal favourite was when a man in full Africa traditional dress tried to high 5 Prince Charles...it didn't work out but was funny and give Prince Charles his due he never moved or even took a sip of water for over 2 hours of standing up.

Sooo surreal being allowed inside! 

We were then lead out to the court yard for all the official photographs which was really special but took quite a long time and by the time it was done we were more than ready for a glass of fizzy. We made a pit stop at Harrods to get the boys a little gift which was madness inside and I tried not to spend a mortgage payment in the food hall.

Smidge of a difference 24hrs apart...

 A quick change and we went to the very famous Mossimans for a celebratory dinner with all our family as most live down south anyway. It was honestly one of the nicest meals I have ever eaten, Crab salad, Lamb, a Chocolate torte and cheese board. I was stuffed but the Champagne was flowing so I didn't care and the last thing I can remember is having £18 cocktails with my cousins at the Mandarin Oriental. Nothing a slap up brekkie couldn't handle and before we headed home. An absolutely fab day and night had by all which I feel so lucky to have experienced not to mention so proud of my Mum.

Back to life...back to reality....

  • My first red dress Aviana was from Chi Chi London and I believe its in the sale now go go. 

  • Second Black Goddess Dress, the picture isn't really doing it justice here but it is nearly backless, so glam but comfy though exactly what I needed after a day on my feet Im getting it in grey as well a bargain for £19.99 from loveherstyle.co.uk


  1. Wow Ash, what an experience for you!! Huge congratulations to your Mam so well deserved!!

    Katie x


    1. It was amazing Katie we totally loved it x

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip, such a great read. Sounds like an amazing day! Huge congratulations to your Mam, what a lady!