Bacon wrapped, crab stuffed jalapeños.

Say that fast 3 times, even the title though....OH Momma right.

Ive been inundated since the weekend when I had an impromptu BBQ...is their any other kind in Britain? Anyway I shared this pic on my Instagram feed and it just went wild. I seem to have hit the spot and let me tell you these are as AMAZING as they look!  I stole these from my time in Texas and have only tweaked them so can't take much credit. We were invited to a garden party out there and these were being rustled up next to the burgers. 

I'm not much of a mega spicy food fan but...yum! Ive even made them spicier because when I originally had them and nabbed the recipe they were made with sweet picanto peppers but I think these work much better with Jalapeños! Ive quickly put the blog together for you all but typically when I recreated it the next day I couldn't get Jalapenos anywhere so just used small red chills for blog purposes but you get the picture and frankly use which ever peppers or chills depending on your taste buds it works well with them all. 


This recipe makes 16 but adjust amounts accordingly... they go really quick normally though.

Sorry these are embarrassing because its just a guess to your own tastes but I've tried to explain.

  • 16 fresh jalapeños or small peppers/chillies you decide.
  • 16 rashers of streaky bacon
  • A tub of fresh crab meat or mixed meat.  Hope that makes sense but this is the way our supermarket and fishmongers serve it in the same kind of about 300g size pot.
  • A 300g tub of Cream Cheese, I like half fat but full fat holds better on the BBQ.
  • A good handful of grated mozzarella the type on pizzas not fresh.
  • Cocktail stick for each.
  • Salt and Pepper

1. Chop the top off the Chilli and slice down one side, opening it like a book and scrape out all the seeds. Repeat with all and wash hands thoroughly including knife and board after....do NOT touch eyes or sensitive places ha ha for a while. 

2. Place in a bowl all the Crab meat, Mozzarella and enough cream cheese to make its spreadable; about half a tub I find. Mix well and season.

3. Then with a spoon or knife whatever you find best spread the mixture into to chills until stuffed and close. 

4. Wrap a piece of bacon around each one and secure with a cocktail stick. This just prevents them falling apart when cooking.

5. Then place on the BBQ with tongs and cook for around 20mins or until the bacon is crispy; turn frequently. I have to say we have a flat plate part on our BBQ so no holes and this is much better, because non of the filling can leak out. If you don't I suggest placing them on a few pieces of tin foil folded over. 

6. Serve with BBQ Sauce or Ranch dressing and get in quick!

NOTE: If the weather turns these can be placed in an oven tray and baked in 180C for about same time, I therefor make them the whole year round too.

A guaranteed hit at any party.

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