Disney Reveal Bag

I have seen a few people who haven't told the kids about a trip to Disney do a little reveal bag of goodies or clues which are fab. Now the boys already knew we were going to France with Granny for a  holiday and over heard us chatting about possibly stopping at Disneyland Paris on the way so the cat was out the bag but it was nice for them to get excited at the build up...it also turned out to be a great bargaining tool for excellent behaviour in the weeks before too. So I decided to bring a little magic to our boys and do a "Gift from Mickey Mouse" this would work for any Disney vacation why not squeeze as much magic as possible!

Truthfully these were mostly things we were getting them anyway for the long journey like ear phones for the i pads, general holiday stuff like pool toys or to have at Disney like a t shirt and autograph book but they thought it was Christmas again. I have to say I really struggled with 'Boy' stuff I think drowning in Frozen merchandise will genuinely be the cause of death for someone out there soon but I battled on and with internet did ok.

In the bag
So first thing was a bag, I splashed out and got a recycle bag with a zip £3 from the Disney Store. I was going to get a paper one but because we had such a long journey and doing a lot of driving in our holiday I thought these would be handy to keep all their stuff stashed away, in the car and villa. To save on fights I got this fab personalised decals from ebay seller jonrad565 so easy to use and their names were on the bag, no mix ups....I impress myself sometimes.

Dress to impress
I knew the boys would love to wear a new outfit, who doesn't love new clothes? Especially with a Disney theme, but I did really struggle to get a boy style or Mickey Mouse clobber over 18mths so I hit up the net. After a bit of searching I noticed these T shirts but they were actually part of a Pjs set for the same price. This worked better, because I split them, then got just a plain t shirt to go with the shorts, so a themed T shirt for the day and a pair of Pjs for the night....Mickey is going all out here. I was thinking of comfort for the rest as will be a long day with shorts, trainers and new stripy hoody from Primark.

Slip slap slop
It was a predicted 23C in France so I got the boys a new cap for £1 Primark, some Mickey Sun glasses £1 from Poundland and some new velcro sandals. All perfect for the holiday but great for a hot day in Disneyland to keep cool. 

Take Note
So as on any journey for us...even just out for lunch I bring a variety of colouring things, because my boys love drawing a picture. I got these cute disney Pencil cases from eBay for £1.50 each including a little stationary set and some pencils for 50p from Wilkos; I didn't dare go for pens not only for the Cars sake but the boys like doing tattoos on each other as well. I also heard that you can get autographs from the characters in Disneyland but instead of an autograph book I got the boys a plain notepad for 90p and used one of their name disney decals on it. I thought it would be a good task for them on the long journey to decorate it them selfs. The disney colouring book I got from the works for £3 has tonnes of stickers in as well.

Burn a hole in your pocket.
My boys LOVE a wallet! They are always trying to pinch my old ones and old cards so thought I would treat them to a real one of their own. There Grandmas gave them both some Euros to take away and I decided on a reward EURO chart in the weeks leading up, which improved behaviour x10 but also then they had some dosh of their own and a limit so we didn't get rinsed in the park on tat.

Book Worm
I got a book each for £1 from B and M, The Lion King and Finding Nemo. They love story time and thought it will be nice change to all the i pad time and a chill out after a long day. Also got them a colouring Disney book with stickers £3 from the works and a Disney Pen from the store for £2.

Thirsty work.
I got them a cup with a straw, I would have liked to get them a bottle to be fair as you can refill these in the parks but these were great for the car and a novelty - I put an A and O on the bottom with permanent marker. I also added a few treats they never get like a mini tube of Pringles, Oreos and sweeties.

I noticed some Disney pool rings and water bombs, our hotel (Vienna Magic Circus) has a pool and so does MY Aunts house so I just added them. The boys also love listening to storys and music on the i pads so decided to get them some proper head phones each, £7 from B and M; no more "I can't hearrrrr it" I also got them a little Lego kit, they were on sale for £1.50 on eBay just another keep busy treat. 

A letter from Mickey and they were done.

Stay tuned for our Disneyland trip and tips......


  1. Love this - I loved seeing the pics of the boys in their tshirts, they looked super smart xx

    1. *Embarrassed face. They were Pjs! but they didn't care x

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