Just be 4 a little more.....

My Baby is starting school in September.

I have two babies, but he is the baby of my babies.

He is ready for this.

So am I

...Well I thought I was until I got his final piece of homework from Nursery.

At first with 1 week left of his beloved pre-school class I thought it was a bit harsh to set homework. Then I read it and had a full on ugly cry in the kitchen.

Suddenly I realised along with a new blue uniform how fast his pudgy cheeks and chubby star fish hands will fade, his need for my cuddles for everything from a grazed knee to a twisted sock will go and the "You're my best friend Mammy" will be replaced with lots of new best friends.....

I'm sad for me because I will miss my baby, but I'm sad for him because he doesn't know what the big bad world holds for him yet. His big brother at just 6 is already realising with full days at school, homework and chores that life isn't as cool as being 4. Not even close.

So this homework couldn't be more perfect to stretch out the last few weeks until September. To embrace just being little and care free and full of beans and snuggles and fun and giggles and...
                                                                              ... to just be 4 a little more my baby.


  1. Aww! That homework is just the best. So cute.
    Enjoy your summer together x

    1. I love it so much! Not mastering the sleeping in though.... x

  2. This just brought tears to my eyes and has me all choaked up. My little boy is moving up from preschool too and it's just heart breaking for me. My little girl starts preschool on the same day so its a double hit for the heart strings �� Nice to see I'm not the only one upset by this �� xx

    1. Its mad because I'm usually screaming at them but it does feel huge!!! x