Summer Spectacular #intuEldonSquare and #intuMetrocentre

It's meant to be "Summer" but this weather is up and down like a tap dancers wig! It's driving me crazy with 2 bouncing boys and not being able to really plan anything. So when we were invited to the Summer Spectaular by intu (on 2nd and 3rd July from 11am both days) with tonnes of FREE amazing events in doors, I couldn't have been happier not to mention I'd get my holiday shopping done without an "I'm bored!" 

Both intu Eldonsquare and intu Metrocentre were promising 

“Rain or shine, we can’t wait to celebrate the summer in true intu fashion with brilliant activities like Star Wars look-a-likes 99th Garrison at intu Metrocentre, and tasty food sampling and fairground fun at both centres, plus so much more, that will amuse and delight all of our customers.” 

“We’ve worked hard to make sure there’s something for everyone at this summer’s Everyone’s Invited party, whether you’re planning on watching the fantastic entertainment, taking part in some fun activities or simply planning a great day out with family and friends. From little kids to big kids we’re aiming to put a smile on everyone’s face over the Saturday and Sunday.”

A quick look at their website intu.co.uk and the boys were instantly bickering between all the fab activities so we decided to go to both centres! 

intu Eldon Square

We started off at Eldon Square, I could get lost in the huge Paperchase there but I also needed a few bits from the huge Topshop Tall range; a god send. The boys were delighted with the little picnic area set up outside and got busy colouring in a flag and opening the goodie bags they were giving away. We spotted some of the Living Dolls and Hedge people, the boys were in awe and couldn't keep away...

I then heard Oscar squeal and turned to see "Lions of the Zululand" walking up the mall; no one could miss them and you instantly feel like crying the music is so amazing. The boys are desperate to see the Lion King but I can't see how they could be any better than this. The show was unreal, they have arrived for their full tour and we will definitely be getting tickets. The Lions are brill....

We then went onto sample some food and play some games who were collecting for the centres charity who do amazing work 
Children North East and saw the incredible Mr Fox and Otto.

We passed the very talented busker Jake Houlsby who was blasting out some acoustic Tracy Chapman,the boys loved having a lil boogie and dropping some dose in his case.

After so much fun a pit stop was very much needed and there was Krispy Kreme like a shining beacon. The manager greeted us personally and told us about the new flavours and we all tucked into a treat. If you follow the blog we obviously went for Peanut Butter, Jelly and Nutella ones, Delish and the first time the boys had been quiet so win from us! 

Just then we heard the Cartoon drawer, Paul was setting up and Archie the wannabe artist grilled him for tips. They decided on a portrait together which will be framed and go in the toy room now...he declined my idea of giving them horns, no idea why?! We love it though.


The boys were now desperate to meet Star Wars so we headed over to the Metrocentre. We had brought the car but I didn't know how the traffic would be, it was no trouble though, a quick 15minute drive over and the thing I love most about intu Metrocentre tonnes of FREE parking.

When beelined for the UpperQube to see 'Granny Turismo' who were hilarious zooming about fist pumping people, the boys mouths actually hung open. 

It was definitely time for some Lunch and we were spoilt for choice especially in the new food court. Between Five Guys, YO Sushi, Nandos to name a few. The boys went for Bar Burrito and although we lived in Texas for a while I was worried they might not be family friendly, but couldn't have been better helping the boys pick; the food was delicious and demolished.

Battery's fully recharged we headed down to the lower cube where Namco Funscape Arcade games had some amazing thing set up including shuggyboats! We then went over to Exibition square (middle bit to me) where there was a full fayre set up including carousel and hook the duck! Also an iinteractive computer game with Finn and Jake  from Cartoon Networks Adventure Time literally on par with Star Wars for my boys.

It was then time to go over to the Dark Side and see 99th Garrisons Star Wars raising money for The Sunshine Fund They didn't disappoint the boys couldn't speak and Archie fell on the floor when he saw them first, UH-MAZING...even I got a cheeky pic. 

There were some magical Princess's floating about but the boys are not really into it, however one of my mates popped over after seeing the details on my page and her little girls were smitten.

We did some shopping, I'm determined to get ahead with this years school uniform so got the boys kitted out. Then hit the arts and crafts station and made a space wand like Tim Peake or the real Buzz Lightyear as Archie said.

We then heard whispers there was a giant beach set up...in side... in the town square outside House of Fraser and it wasn't a rumour, SUPER cool complete with giant Deck Chairs. So "If you do wish to be beside the seaside" rain or shine get over to intu Metrocentre. 

Thoroughly enjoyable day at both centres. 

If you think you missed out, fear not its all going on exactly the same tomorrow (Sunday 3rd July)at both centres from 11am so get on down.  

For full information on everything see here


  1. We went to the metrocentre at the weekend and my little ones loved the granny's and the metro knomes. I also loved the fairground rides and giant sandpit. Xx

    1. We loved it I too thought the beach was the best thing ever. x