Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and the end of an era!

Sooo I've (accidentally) taken the summer off! What can I say though...Kids. Having too much fun and memories. I've still been on my social media espsh Instagram - my true love, so you know where to find us, on the right over there. It's time to get back to it though and I've been inundated with requests for this, so its the perfect way to slid straight back in!

Archie's birthday was last week and as usual the cake is one of the most important things to him. I have been up until midnight for 6yrs in a row now, following the spec from my favourite client. However it seems gone are the days now of themed cakes. These are his last few birthdays...

However, this year his one request was a grown up "Peanut Butter Cake" The boy is utterly mad with the stuff to be fair and thats all he wanted. There were a few mutterings from the Grandma that it wasn't a kids birthday cake and I had a mild panic before I unveiled it but thankfully it was exactly what he wanted and the end of an era. I will have to do all my characters cakes on Oz now.

For all you asking here's how I made it.


As I didn't know I would be blogging this I apologise I didn't take any 'Baking' picture's but I will do my best the explain. SO I used my recipe here below TWICE to make 4 chocolate sponges. Baked one batch before the school run. 

After leaving them to cool completely I trimmed any domes off the top of all 4 with a long bread knife so they were flat as possible. 


I then made 2 batches of Peanut Butter Buttercream.

240g Unsalted Butter
4 heaped table spoons of smooth peanut butter.
60mls milk
1kg icing sugar split in two.

Beat everything and half the icing sugar. When completely mixed gradually add 500g more of icing sugar. Beat well so it's smooth. It should be loose enough to spread but not too much to run. If too stiff add a little more milk or too runny add some more icing sugar.

Reserve a piping bag full of the buttercream with a star nozzle I used Wilton size 1.

Layer up and decorate.

Reese's spread or peanut butter. 
Peanut butter sweets like, Reese's cups, Peanut M and M's, Butter fingers and snickers.
Some melted chocolate to drizzle

So start with one cake layer on a board. Spread a thin layer of Reese's and then some peanut butter frosting on top. Add another cake layer and repeat until all 4 layers are complete. 

Then "Dirty Ice" the cake which means cover the cake completely in a thin layer of frosting. It will look 'dirty' as full of brown crumbs. Put in the fridge until set. About 30mins.

Add another layer of frosting all over and it will cover the dirty look, until all used. Smooth sides and top as much as possible with a spatula. 

Use the reserved piping bag to pipe twirls all the way round the top. Then put back in the fridge until set. About 30mins.

Once done, stick some taller sweets like fingers of snickers at the back and build it up with the other sweets and stick a few around the bottom randomly. I crush up some M and Ms for sprinkles which looked nice. 

Drizzle some melted chocolate on the top and tease it to edge so it drizzles down the side


                 Hope you find it as yummy as we did.

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