Personalised Gifts with Rusks and Rebels

Who doesn't like personalised stuff? Its just that bit extra special isn't it but as an Ashlie I had nothing with my name on when I was a kid so when I found out about Rusks and Rebels I knew I had to have them over for a party and get some Christmas gifts sorted. I love to shop local but the story of this company is really heart warming indeed. 


Getting organised for Christmas!

EVERY year I say I'm going to be more organised for Christmas, every aspect from saving all year to being all "Done" the first week of December at.the.latest. Yet on Christmas Eve last year I was sat in tears at 11.13pm still wrapping a couple of presents AND I still had to hoover the entire house and make our bed....even though Santa wasn't coming to fecking stay or the Queen so I'm not sure why I had to strip it in the first place.....An hour later, although my hip bones were on fire and my lip was still wobbling I was DONE. 


Halloween and Bonfire Night ideas.

I keep getting asked for these recipe's so thought I would pop them all in one blog to get through Bonfire night to Christmas stuff!

With the main blog below from Pulled Pork to Paella, Hot Chocolate to Chocolate Apples its all in these links below.