Christmas Activity Boxes

I know some of y'all kids have broken up yesterday and the panic has set in as a WHOLE week before Christmas is a lot of entertaining to do with very excited kids. Also right now when your kids ask for toothpaste we are saying "Ok ask Santa" as funds are so low!

Here are my top 3 fun and cheap ideas.

Gingerbread Box

I made a little activity box which didn't cost a lot and entertained mine for hours and split over 2 days. 
  • I got 2 gingerbread houses from ikea for £3 but top tip is you can get them put together in Aldi for £5.
  • A copy of Hansel and Gretal
  • Some ingredients to make ginger bread. 
  • Cutters
  • Icing 

Cost less than £10 for 2 kids.

We read the story.

Drew pictures about the gingerbread house design.

Decorated the gingerbread house which took ageees but was fun.

Made gingerbread biscuits.

Guess who is whose?


I bought a few canvas's and a paint pack literally £3 from pound land, let the kids go mad or do some prints as a lovely unique gift? Soz I've only taken a corner picture don't want to spoil it for the person this gift is for.

Popcorn chains.

I used to love doing this but knowing my boys thought this would be a disaster ending in tears....mostly mine. However couldn't have been more wrong. It cost £2.50 for some needles, white thread and some popcorn. I bought the type you pop yourself salted as sweet will get sticky. 

Thread them up and watch them go we had hours of peace and they loved it. Possibly playing with dangerous needles but the chains look so cute on the tree as well. 

What are your favourite cheap activity's before Christmas? 


  1. Love this idea Ash - love that you've gone the extra mile and bought the book too. It's all about the detail!

  2. Some great ideas there and very organised of you!!