Truffle cookies. #recipe

I love these chewy little cookies super easy to make and perfect for a small treat or a big one if you have a few. They are lush with a           cuppa, chocolate milk and or on top of ice cream.


The thing about kids is....

So it started as an innocent little post on Facebook by my friend Angella's Gym. They decided to show her amazing transformation and how she has lost 4st probably to inspire others. Now amongst a lot of great comments below the post, one of the first was a.... I cant use any other word to describe it than Shitty. There was a shitty comment from a lady to say 


Finding time to be fit! #Decathlon

I have never been exercise mad unfortunately, as much as I've wanted to be the girl who was into sports and loved going to the gym... instead of rather eating toenails ha ha. As a child my dorky side was in full force though, I loved books and drawing and TV basically. Then I got older and liked going out and drinking way more, I was always curvy but I didn't care because I was having too much fun and no diet or exercise plan ever stuck or worked for that matter. 

However after having my first son I was like a planet, when the novelty of "Eating for two" never really wore off and I put on 5 stone. I knew I had to do something and so I joined Slimming World, I have never looked back and recommend it to anyone but I definitely couldn't have lost 5 stone with out exercise too...which I'm the most surprised about but I actually quite enjoy now. Its also so important to me that my boys stay healthy and I want to teach them to like exercise too. 


Getting Organised!

OK so I don't do New Years Resolutions as I always break them but after the chaos of Christmas there are certainly a few things I want to get back on track with or improve on. The NO 1 thing has got 
to be: 

Be more organised!!!

I don't know why but one of my favourite things to do is just ram stuff in my handbag. Instead of actually putting my card back in my purse or my phone in that handy side pocket so you can actually get it when you need it. Instead I spend quite a bit of my day scratching around in my bag like a mole or in a cold sweat that I've been robbed and there is a belt full of shopping to pay for. 

Shaming.... Rubbish, Tat, Trinidad Dollars?! 
and a Champagne Cork ha


Christmas Hurricane...

How are we all?

Bit Confused? Bit Fat? Not sure what day it is? 

Yes ME too.