Primula and NSPCC help kids to #DreamBig

Eat cheese for charity? I'm in!!! 

I love blogging but I REALLY love blogging about things that make my heart swell. SO when I heard about a new campaign that, Primula Cheese have joined forces with the NSPCC to help kids to dream big, I knew I had to get involved.

   "Children who are safe from abuse are free to dream and create." 

Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of the NSPCC said, “Every child is born with hopes for the future but if a child’s head is full of fear, anxiety or loneliness there’s no space for dreams. “Childhood should be a time when we’re free to dream. Abuse can destroy that – but it never should.”

Having two boys of my own this really hit me hard that not only children are being robbed of their childhood but their adult life too, being forced by their abuse down any path given to them. Not to #dreambig and decide their own destiny.


At 7 and 4yrs old my boys have a new occupation nearly everyday. I love listening to them chatter about what they aspire to be and feel its so important to be free to do that. Even when they come up with non typical roles. Oscar my youngest loves to play with my hair and I make a point of saying maybe he would like to be a hairdresser, we have even painted each other toenails...much to their Judo instructors amusment in the changing room!

I think we can all can agree though "adulating" is hard going, so childhood should be made the most of and be the time to dream of whatever you want and GO get it. So this Primula campaign is so heartwarming apart from getting to eat a lot of cheese for a great cause we also took some time out to #dreambig 

When I was a little (very dyslexic) girl I honestly wanted to be a writer particularly recipes. My Mum encouraged me to write a recipe book even when I was 9, I still have it in the loft somewhere (I did try to find it for this piece sadly to no avail) It was full of things I just liked to eat really but in a way being free to #dreambig in a way my dream came true as I now write recipes online and one was viewed and made by millions.

So today I have a Cowboy and Soldier, that's just fine with me...it will be different by tomorrow no doubt.

Eat Primula

I have to say I haven't had Primula in quite a while but I did love it ironically as a child, something just feels great squirting it straight out of the tube into your mouth right?! I'm not going to lie we all had a go at that serving suggestion but not wanting to teach bad habits my favourite is with a Fruit and Veg. 

I love nothing more than a Smoregasbord of fresh food to pick at but it truly was even more delicious with the selection of Primula cheese's. We loved coming up with new combos and most importantly the boys cleared their plates of everything from celery sticks to melon chunks. Definitely going to be a new family night tradition. 

Chive Primula with rye bread, pepper and ham is ....heaven and I'm sorry to bomb this with diet talk but the Primula light is REALLY low fat and yummy, on Slimming world for example a full half tube is only 6syns cheese lovers! Just saying.

How can you get involved?

Primula Cheese will donate 20% of the profits from their limited edition NSPCC branded tubes directly to the NSPCC, in order to help children grow up free from abuse and free to dream about becoming anything they want to be. By purchasing a limited edition NSPCC tube, you can help deliver childhood and hope back to young people across the UK; with the right support their lives can be turned around.

Primula Cheese is owned by the Kavli Trust, meaning its profits already go to charities and good causes. This 20% of profits donated to the NSPCC will be in addition to the money already given to charities through the Kavli Trust.

The limited edition NSPCC Primula tubes are on sale from 27th Feb 2017 in selected Asda, Morrison’s, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and selected smaller independent stores.

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