Happy Pancake Day! #pancakerecipe #shrovetuesday

Happy Pancake Day! Seriously one of my best days of the year but as you all known I'm dedicated and have them year round.

I do favour the fat fluffy "American" ones but always make crepes today in homage to my dad who every year managed to get one stuck on the artex ceiling! #80schild Both Recipes below though.

Fat and Fluffy

If you like the American style fluffy ones here's my easy recipe.

1 Egg
1 Cup Self Raising Flour
1 Cup Milk 
1 tsp Baking Powder

Makes about 10

Feel free to add a few handfuls of chocolate chips or blueberry's etc into the batter.

  • Whack all in a bowl and whisk well, if its a little runny add a tiny bit more flour. I like to transfer to a jug and make about 3 small round pancakes but you can ladle the batter into a hot buttered large frying pan if you prefer.
  • Once they start to bubble flip and brown on the other side. I serve as they come....kids bite my ankles otherwise ha but you can make the full batch and keep warm in the oven. 

Thin and Crispy 

Here is my recipe again similar to most out there but I find this works well. 


110g Plain flour
2 large eggs
Pinch of salt
280mls Semi Skimmed milk

  • Beat like mad preferable with a whisk, then gradually add the milk. I transfer it into a jug for easy pouring. 
  • A frying pan not too big, hot and buttered. I keep a extra nob at the side in case it drys out, essential as it stops it sticking and crisps it slightly. 
  • Pour in not quite enough then tip the pan to coat the rest. Fry until moves easily maybe give the sides a little nudge, the first will always be crap. Then FLIP, fry a few more minutes on the other side or crisp with browning. 
How many?
This makes 8-10 pancakes but I inhale 4 on a bad day and Archie had 5 yesterday.... They are only thin! So I would make double at least for more than 3 people. 

You can make the batter in advance and put it in the fridge, I did this then the nursery run. 

 Make in advance for hungry kids

Now I like then fresh crisp and hot out the pan but if you have hungry kids its a battle and you haven't cooked the next one but the first one is already eaten. So you can make them in advance. Just tear off some bits of grease proof paper and put one in between each pancake so the don't stick then pop in the oven to reheat when needed... Almost as good as fresh. 

Lets face it ANYTHING is lush with pancakes. 

I like old school lemon and golden syrup/honey or Nutella though. Go wild!


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