Our NHS and acts of kindness...

I've just been sorting some stuff and found this. After yesterday's events in Barcelona and the Chief of our NHS being sacked amongst many horror story's I wanted to share a note. 

This is our NHS...Our beloved GG sadly suffered a huge stroke a few weeks ago, she fought hard but subsequently passed away 2 weeks later. Before this she was in great health, we all had big plans with her, holidays, celebrations etc ... She is the glue of our family simple put so it was a big shock to say the least. From the minute GG arrived to Cramlington Hospital ward 7, we couldn't have faulted a SINGLE thing, staff or facility's though. Firstly she was given a private ensuite room its not funny but my GG desperately needed to get her hip replaced and her biggest fear was being on a unisex ward with a shared bathroom ..the horror, she wasn't being old fashioned she just said 'Men never pee IN the toilet!' so although she didn't really get to 'enjoy' the room we did have a giggle at the irony. We couldn't have seen how a private hospital could have done any better either.

We were also given so must comfort, information and help by every member of staff they all quickly became friends. They gave incredible care to GG, with so much dignity even combing her hair and keeping Pink hospital gowns for her... it might sound silly but those extras meant the world especially as my GG had tonnes of pride in her appearance. I mean she turned up in the ambulance in a Dior blouse and Valentino sunglasses which made us all howl! The most amazing thing though was the care they also gave all of us espcially my Granddad. Two weeks doesn't seem like a long time but when you're trying to not leave someone's bedside for a moment the seconds even turn into hours and watching your loved one, no, adored one so poorly is the worst thing I've ever experienced. The day after it happened I was on my own with GG and I just broke my heart. It's something you don't want to do in front of other's more so my family who I didn't want to upset more. It just came over me, I was sobbing so much. I heard the door open and one of the nurses came in. I went to move, grabbing my handbag embarrassed, thinking she wanted to do her checks on GG. She didn't though she pulled up a chair next to me, had a cuppa in hand, put her hand on my knee and said 'Are you ok? Can I do anything?' 

I was BLOWN away and can't tell you what that meant to me in that moment. She didn't know me from Adam and even checked if I lived with someone and had support at home. That nurse was called Carol. A few days later the consultant had asked us all to nip out so he could run some tests, they sadly decided to move GG to palliative care ward and Carol was going on holiday so assumed she wouldn't see us again. When we returned, this note was left for us! It sums up everything we received and what is amazing in the world. There might be a lot of crap out there and some really bad people but there is also A LOT of good too. We need more Carol's in the world or to be more like her and all the staff on ward 7 💗 

We couldn't have asked for anymore for our amazing GG and this will give us all peace of mind forever which is priceless.


  1. Ash this is so so lovely! The world definitely needs more Carols! It's funny how people whinge and moan about the NHS but then at times like this you realise how lucky we are to have them. It must be a great comfort knowing that GG was being so well cared for in her final moments.

    So sorry for your loss xx

    1. It really is and walking through A and E everyday on the way seeing what they have to put with is horrible xxx