Black Forest Cake. #recipe

My mum had a party the other day and I was put in charge of dessert, "Something with cream". I'm not a meringue fan and I hate trifle...I think it's the jelly so I decided to make a cream cake. 

I'm not sure why its called the Black forest but this isn't a gateaux anyway so I'm not getting too hung up on it's name, although I'm sure one of you lovelies can tell me. However, this is my version of a 'Black Forest Gateaux' in cake form.

I've linked an old blog for the first two parts of the recipe.


1. Cake.

Recipe HERE

2. Chocolate ganache.

  • 600ml pot of double cream. - Only use 75mls, reserve the rest for filling later.
  • 200g Chocolate - I like Galaxy for this. Only use 150g and reserve 50g for later.

Method half way down HERE 

Remaining Ingredients.

  • Black Cherry Filling available at most supermarkets
  • Take the remaining cream from before and whip to almost firm.
  • Optional Kirch - drizzle some on the sponges for a boozy twist.

Layer up!

1. Place one of the chocolate cakes on a plate or stand or whatever you like! Add a layer of ganache (about half), add a thick layer of cream and add the cherry filling I nearly used the full tin.

2. Place the second cake on top, and add the rest of the ganache. Don't worry if some of the filling oozes out of the middle its part of the look!

3. I had a bit of cream left so put it in a piping bag and piped swirls on top, you could do this or squirty cream would be fine. I also then put blobs of the cherry filling on top of each.

4. Finally grate the remaining chocolate reserved all over liberally and devour! Honestly one of my new fave cakes, so yummy but not sickly at all.  

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