Minecraft Party.

I havent a clue about Minecraft, its a different world to me... literally. However, both the boys adore it and it was first choice for Archie's 8th birthday. Gone are the days (thank god) of hoards of children, a musty church hall and dodgy looking magician. 

We just had a few of his friends 6 to be precise, a mad hour at one of these Trampoline centres to burn off some energy before letting them trash the house...to be fair they all just watched Minecraft videos on Youtube. Things really have changed.

 Six 8yr old boys are similar to a plague of locus's so a big buffet with several take away pizza's was needed and basically I renamed everything with Minecraft names. It went down a storm. God bless google images and few craft things. TNT was a clear winner.

I literally printed all these off in a page of 4, cut them and stuck with cello tape voila Creeper Juice. 


  • Get anything Black and Green, I got the table cloth, napkins and plates just set it off.
  • Cut up squares of card as mine craft confetti to fill the table.
  • Google images is your best friend, literally raided free images, printed and with some scissors plus glue it took about 30mins to make all the signs and wrappers.
  • For the cake I literally stuck kit cats around a chocolate cake and with a grass nozzle piped green icing on top. A few Minecraft figures and a very happy boy.