Christmas Cake Recipe

It's a myth that you have to make a Christmas cake months in advance.

There. I said it. It's out there.

I can hear professional foodies shuddering but it's the truth to me. I have made this cake hundreds of times and I truly can't tell the difference if it's been made for months or days ago - I have made it 3 days before it was needed, for a friend and it was still delicious. So fear not if you haven't made yours. 

 Lets do this.


Christmas DIY Advent Calendar.

I love doing this for my boys every year, it just brings an extra touch of magic and for kids paces out the lonnnng month of December with lots of entertain/fun. 


No bake, Christmas treat's!

I LOVE baking it’s my biggest hobby but there are so many Christmas occasions where I’m normally asked to bake something.... namely the school fayre. So I thought of a little cheat way to still give some festive treats.


THE Hot Chocolate Station #recipe


My most popular blog to date!

 I posted it on a Friday night after years of making it for family and friends by Tuesday the views were in the millions and by Sunday It was in the National News! I haven't tasted better hot chocolate if I do say so my self and it is sooo popular. I get asked to share it a million times every festive season so here it is. Re post below....


Fluffy Brows #review

Over the years my brows have been abused by many people, including me! They are no longer sisters, in fact I don't even think they are cousins and need some serious help. I have had HD brows a few years ago but wasnt blown away. I've been considering Microblading for a while but it's a big commitment/expense and I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet. I came across Fluffy Brows by chance but I'm so glad I did.

So if you don't know Fluffy Brows are the hottest trend, one step down from Microblading but like HD Brows on steroids. They correct asymmetrical eyebrows, give volume for fuller looking brows while helping hairs growing in different directions.

It will give you perfect brows that stay in shape for 6-10wks via setting lotion. The treatment takes about 45mins sitting back relaxing and includes. 

Brow Mapping
Brow wax and thread

I literally cant believe the difference in my brows just look at the before and after pics! I got my done at HT Lashes costing £45, Hannah did an awesome job and will definitely have it done again.

Have you tried it?