Chocolate Truffle Recipe

This is such an easy and yummy recipe! 

If you remember my Best Ever Chocolate Cake this is what I do with any left overs of the ganache...it's so popular I now make a batch just for these truffles. 

150mls Double Cream
375g Chocolate, I love Galaxy

Optional 6 tbsp of Dark Rum or Brandy for a grown up versions add with the chococlate.

Pour the cream into a sauce pan, and heat it on low until it starts to steam, then take it off the heat. If it bubbles turn it off immediately. It shouldn't get too hot this will only take about 5 minutes.

Tip all the chocolate into the cream and mix quickly until there are no lumps and the chocolate is completely melted...try not to just stick your face in it!

Let it cool a little, It will develop a skin but just mix it smooth it will be the consistency of peanut butter then firm enough for the spoon to stand this will take a few hours and quicker if you put the pan in the fridge it will take about 2hrs

Use a tbsp to scoop a ball out and I weigh it so they are even...sorry OCD tendencies. I did 25g but to be honest they were a little big especially if dipping in chocolate so maybe 15g for bite size ones...its up to you.

 Roll into a ball and dip in coco powder and tap off the  excess, place on a tray.

Chocolate Puds:

White Chocolate, I used 1 packet of chocolate buttons.
Edible Holly
Silver Stars

Melt some white chocolate. I used a pack of chocolate buttons as was enough. I put it in a piping bag because it's much easier to put on the truffles, but a spoon would be fine.

Pipe a little star shape on the top of each and add some edible holly and a sprinkle of silver stars...why not its Christmas.


I got too clever here and thought I could make them look like sprouts with green candy by melting it like chocolate (available all good cake stores) dipping them and putting folk marks in to look like leaves BUT I need to perfect it because the first one I did melted.....

I decided to let the melts cool a little and drizzled it on a few...What do think, do they look like sprouts?! 

Like I say I need to work on it but they were delicious non the less.

   I mixed a few up and put them in a little cake box I got      from Poundland. Perfect gift for this time of year Id say.

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