How to deal with the Coronavirus on your business Social Media.

Being a freelance Social Media Manager though I've been asked A LOT this past week from various people about how to address Corona Virus on their business Social media, what to post, whether to say anything and how to help their business survive this strange and testing period. My blog has been a bit in neglected lately as I've been busy helping my lovely clients, but I've dusted it off and put together a little post, whether your companies been split into 'Blue and Red' teams, gone into 'WFH' status, or keeping calm and carrying on I hope this will help at least one person with any type of business. 

Address it

Most of us are already completely sick (no pun intended) of the C word, but the fact is it's happening and we are in a worldwide Pandemic. This is scary for a lot of people, and as a minimum it is going to mean big changes for us all in the coming weeks and months. So at least acknowledge the Coronavirus and reach out to your customers about the current situation on your social pages, website, and or newsletters. Even if you are just 'Business as usual' say that or simply tag the official government advice page - link here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public to say you are monitoring developments closely. It will reassure your client base, customer and staff regardless.

Keep it fresh -

Most people are following the new hygiene guidance, but are you taking the Coronavirus even more seriously by going above and beyond for the safety of your customers/staff? Providing hand sanitiser? Doing over the phone consultations? I'm hearing from a lot of Office's, Restaurants, Salons, Shops etc they are increasing the frequency of cleaning high traffic surfaces like door handles and now doing a daily deep clean when closed too. People won't assume this, but it is the type of thing they REALLY want to hear right now, so let everyone know.


I spend half the day telling my children that being a showoff isn't very nice and the rest of the day telling my clients the complete opposite. In tough times, small things will make a big difference as will going the extra mile for your customers and staff. What are you proud of? Are you doing anything new? You can still do it graciously - Helping the elderly in your community, wavering cancellation charges for the foreseeable future, giving 15% off take aways, suspending payments for a month. Shout out about it, let your customers know and give them faith in you.

It's GOOD to talk

As things unfold and we are forced into or decide to make changes, COMMUNICATE this. The Coronavirus aside, I am always blown away when businesses don't Post and Pin! at the top of their pages new changes to their business.

*Open as usual.

*Different hours.

*New hygiene procedures.

*Now offering a delivery service.

LET people know and regularly stay in touch. At this time with many of your staff and customers in isolation they will feel just that..isolated! It will be a big comfort to know the world isn't ending, they can still get their favourite meal on drop off, help if they need it, and in a few days/weeks their workplace, pubs, hairdressers, shops etc will still be there.

Pay it forward

These are really uncertain/worrying times for all business's, it will potentially and tragically fold some of us. If you want your customers to stay loyal to you, make sure you are doing the same for others.

Reach out to your suppliers, neighbours and own favourite business's. Link up with them and share each others posts/pages even if they are currently shut. Write a nice review. - Social media works on traffic so an influx of nice reviews and positive posts will be a big boost to them. Continue to use them. Still book appointment's and restaurant tables for future months. Don't cancel plans, reschedule them. Help in anyway you can and it will work back to you too.
Ask for help - If you are struggling with anything, just ask. Having to shut because you have run out of loo roll? You own a sandwich shop and your bread supplier is on lockdown? Need a delivery driver asap? Your business is really empty in the last few weeks or had to shut for a month? 

Reach out on your page. Ask for help. Ask people to consider using you. Ask your friends to follow or share your page. I have been amazed by the acts of kindness I've seen and how much people want to help. No one is a mind reader though.

Keep Calm and Carry on

Finally if you have done all of the above, even if you have been forced to close TRY to make your page business as usual. It will be a welcome relief to everyone. 
Taken on an apprentice? Got a delicious new special? Up for an award? Completed a big project? Take great pictures, post positively and carry on regardless. Your Customers and Staff will very much appreciate it.

I haven't spoken to one person who isn't a little concerned, from Blue Chip companies to the local cafe. Non of us have experienced a national crisis like this in our lifetime. Don't feel alone. We really are all in this together. At some point in the future we will be past this and hope we all survive. 

Stay safe everyone and best wishes in the coming weeks/months.

If you have any specific questions PLEASE get in touch, I will help anyone in anyway I can.

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