Fortnite Party #lockdownparty

When Lockdown hit the first thing Oscar asked was "What about my birthday Mam?" I honestly laughed and said it would probably be all over by then...more fool me. I know a lot of kids are having their birthday in Lockdown but as we moved from Newcastle to Leeds in July Oscar was REALLY looking forward to his party and inviting his new school pals. SO I tried to make it as special as possible with a Fortnite theme, it was actually really easy and he LOVED it.

I ordered a few things on Amazon which didn't turn up! So the day before I tracked down a large Morrison's near us and combined our food shop with that as they do Helium balloon's too. I had a lot of lovely messages on my instagram to say that Sainsbury's, Asda and Home Bargains are good for party stuff as well. 

There was loads of things I would have liked they didn't have from flour to birthday cards but there are more important things right now so I just got what I could. Apart from the things you can get from the shops all you need is google images, use of a printer and cello tape. 

Order of the day. 
I just typed this out, printed it and put it in a frame I have. We started the night before because in Lockdown you can have a 2 day party!

Party ideas 

Dance party -
We met in the living room in our party clothes, had pizza, dancing and a Zoom call from my family. My two year old niece even dressed up as a Princess!

Quiz time -
We then did a few online Quiz's, a Fortnite themed one of course.

As it was Thursday we went outside at 8pm and clapped for the NHS. We had a few fireworks left from Bonfire night so let them off. I think Oscar thought it was all for him.

Camp out
We set the tent up in the garden an let the kids all sleep out which they LOVED.  There isn't enough room for us so we slept in the living room next to it and could hear them telling ghost story's and laughing until nearly midnight! We even toasted marshmallows in the morning.

Special Brekkie -
I made Oscars favourite brekkie. Waffles and of course marshmallows! 

Scavenger hunt - There are loads on google to print off but I wont lie the kids just wanted to chill and play Fortnite obviously so we let them.

Pressies of course!

Birthday Buffet
We had party food which I just put Fortnite labels on for fun. - The water bottles are 6 for £1 and I just printed those labels off, cut and stuck with cellotape. I strung the coloured balloons on a piece of thread and cellotaped to the table - so easy!

Dur Burger

I decided to make it a bit more special and make Dur burgers. Which is basically a dressed up burger and the kids went mad for it. 

You will need -
Burger's, Buns, Cheese, Tomato slices, olives, cocktail stick, edible eyes or something like them, pickle onions are good and a ham slice (which I cut into a tongue shape)

Layer the bread bottom, burger, cheese, tomato, ham tongue and bread lid. Place the olive on a cocktail stick and pin it all together. Add the eyes and you have a Dur Burger! 

 We then took the cake outside and all the neighbours sang happy birthday to him, it was so emotional! Oscar said he had the best birthday ever which is all that counts. 
(Full video on my instagram - ashliesugarrushed)

Fortnite theme

The only thing I could get Fortnite was the Llama Pinata so -
  • Get anything Black, blue, purple and silver. 
  • I couldn't get a table cloth so use confetti or cut up squares of card to fill the table.
  • Google images is your best friend, literally raided FREE images, printed and with some scissors plus glue it took about 30mins to make all the signs and wrappers. I've included my printable below.

Shopping list - 
I got party food, mini bottles of water, cake supply's (ingredients or a cake) balloons, plates, napkins, confetti, and sparklers.

    CAKE -  Here is my ancient but fail safe Cake Recipe 

    I couldn't get chocolate fingers so stuck Kitkat's around it and with a 'grass nozzle' piped blue buttercream on top but could just spread it. 

    I printed off two Fortnite pictures and his name. Stuck to card and then paper straws with cellotape.


    Fortnite Printable

    free fortnite printables to put with your DIY Dollar Tree Fortnite Gift Basket


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