Biscoff Rocky Road

NO bake. SUPER easy. Not to pretty but DEVINE!

Perfect treat for our rocky road! I made this tweaked from my other Malteser Rocky Road (here) you all loved a few years ago and I actually love this more, which I didn’t think was possible! Perfectly sweet and salty just like Biscoff or Lotus... I never know which to say but you know what I mean. 

150g White Chocolate 
150g White Toblerone or similar (I use Poundland’s Twin Peaks just added a lush nutty nougat twist)
Or just 300g White Chocolate - Chopped
50g Unsalted Butter
225g Lotus biscuits - Crushed up
100g Lotus Spread 
125g Fudge - Chopped small 
100g Marshmallows - Chopped or small .

100g White Chocolate
50g Lotus Spread

- I don’t like Marshmallows. There I’ve said it. Sorry. I added them here for everyone else but feel free to take out and add 100g something else. More biscuits, Fudge, Nuts, dried fruit, glacier cherry’s are immense. Anything you like. 

*Line an 8in Square tin with Greaseproof paper or anything similar you have this isn’t going to look pretty once cut! 

*Get a pan of water on the go until just simmering. 

*In a Large bowl, add in the Chocolate and Butter and melt on low over the pan stirring constantly stir until smooth. 

*In a separate bowl, melt the Biscoff Spread in the microwave for 30 seconds or until runny, whack straight into the melted white chocolate mix. Stir throughly.

*Work quickly adding in the Marshmallows, Fudge pieces and crumbled Biscoff Biscuits - fold together. Put straight into your tin and spread till its even. I find a wooden spoon best.

*Melt the extra Biscoff Spread and drizzle over the top of the Rocky Road. Then repeat with the rest of the chocolate.

*Leave to set for 3hrs. You can pop in the fridge to speed up. 

*Chop up and ENJOY!