Mulled Wine Recipe #slowcooker

After the phenomenon of 'The Hot Chocolate Station' where I also mentioned my Mulled Wine in the slow cooker, I was inundated for the recipe. Thank you so much everyone for all the interest and here it is...

This is perfect in a slow cooker because it keeps it warm with out having to keep turning the hob up and down or fussing with it at a party for example AND more importantly it doesn't burn off the alcohol!

Make 1 hour before the party.

You will need:

Slow Cooker - Mine is 3.5L

Cups - I prefer tea cups because they are pretty and always worry glass will shatter with heat 
but its up to you.

A ladle.

Napkins- For any drips, unfortunately as anyone
 who has had purple teeth...just me?.. knows red wine stains 
like mad and in case the cup is too warm.


Pick your wine. Traditionally a Chianti or any Italian Red but I don't think it matters and personally prefer a Rioja or a Malbec because they are my favourite reds. 

2 Bottles of Red Wine.

4 Mulled Wine Sachets - This Box has 6

150g Caster Sugar

200mls Orange Juice

200mls Hot Water 

2 Oranges

1 Cinnamon Stick

2 Cloves


I made a batch with 2 bottles on this occasion but the slow cooker could have easily taken 3.

An average bottle of wine should serve 6 glasses but with the added water and OJ I worked out...I know check me...Miss D in Maths GCSE...you will get:

8 of these small cups out of 1 bottle.
 16 cups out of 2 bottles. 
24 cups out of 3 bottles.

 So if you want less, half the above amounts if using 1 bottle .i.e. 100ml of Oj and if you want more add a third to the above .i.e. 300mls of OJ if using 3 bottles.


Chop the oranges into slices and if you have a zester peel little ribbons off they look pretty too.

Pour in both the bottles of red.

Add the Sugar and give it a good stir.

Add the sachets.

Add the Cinnamon stick and cloves.

Add the Orange Juice and the Hot Water and give another good stir.

Put the lid on and turn it on low for an hour. Sift out the cinnamon and cloves before serving. It will be delicious and the perfect temperature for when guests arrive.

Love my beloved Grannys cups.


Please note this is my own recipe, my tastes 
and slow cooker may differ. 

Too Tart? Add a bit more sugar is will dissolve quickly.

Too Boozy? boil the kettle and add a bit more water.

Not warm enough? Whack it on high for about 10 minutes 
and it should be smashing.

Too sweet?...Never ha ha sorry add less sugar next time.

Its beginning too look a lot like Christmas.....


  1. Thanks Ash for this fabulous recipe - me, Steve and the kids are staying in on Xmas eve and just having various people over throughout the day so I'll defo have this on the go!

  2. Love this AND the revamp! 💋

  3. Having the girls around Saturday night and will be doing this, Thanks Ashlie xx

  4. I went to Asda the other day & got the ingredients for this - I've just whacked the lot in the slow cooker so will let you know what I think :)

  5. Did u just use carton of standard fresh orange juice with no added bits. And if adding another wine are we just upping the oj or other ingredients too

  6. Just what I needed for our bonfire party tonight. Thank you.

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