Dr Marten Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles

When we were invited to review the new Dr Martens Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection I couldn't have been more excited to tell the boys, they are HUGE Ninja Turtle fans and we just saw the film last week so they were extra excited. 


Just be 4 a little more.....

My Baby is starting school in September.

I have two babies, but he is the baby of my babies.

He is ready for this.

So am I

...Well I thought I was until I got his final piece of homework from Nursery.

At first with 1 week left of his beloved pre-school class I thought it was a bit harsh to set homework. Then I read it and had a full on ugly cry in the kitchen.


Summer Spectacular #intuEldonSquare and #intuMetrocentre

It's meant to be "Summer" but this weather is up and down like a tap dancers wig! It's driving me crazy with 2 bouncing boys and not being able to really plan anything. So when we were invited to the Summer Spectaular by intu (on 2nd and 3rd July from 11am both days) with tonnes of FREE amazing events in doors, I couldn't have been happier not to mention I'd get my holiday shopping done without an "I'm bored!" 


Peanut Butter Sand Dollars.

I LOVE peanut butter! In fact would question the character of anyone that doesn't...if you're allergic I will let you off though. When we were living in Texas these types of cookies are very popular in bakery's and shops, they call them different names but my absolute favourite term is "Sand Dollars" because they look like the crumbly circle shells you get at the beach. So that's why I have named these 'Peanut butter Sand Dollars' ...even if they are technically cookies.