Happy Pancake Day! #pancakerecipe #shrovetuesday

Happy Pancake Day! Seriously one of my best days of the year but as you all known I'm dedicated and have them year round.


Archie's Peanut Butter Cheesecake #recipe #nobake

I'm not a big fan of Cheesecake. There I said it. I just don't love it and I'm not sure why. Also in allllll the baking I've ever done I don't recall ever making a one. Archie must have had some at school or somewhere and requested we make one. So what could I do!


What is it like to have kids?

My friend is pregnant. It's her first baby. She asks me what its going to be like...for tips. To be REALLY honest. This happens a lot, as I was the first of all our friends to have a baby. So I'm used to the seasoned Mummy role....but all of sudden as I look at my boys both now in school, happily entertaining themselves, the answers don't seem so close to the surface anymore. 

Without realising it I don't feel I'm in the trenches as much, the baby battles of sleepless nights, breast vs bottle, pureed foods and endless concerns like is calpol a saint or a sin? It's a fading memory. Where have my babies gone?....It feels like maybe it was a dream. So I look back at my blog archives and it all comes rushing back. It wasn't a dream and I'm no longer broody....