Chocolate Scotch Egg.

Holy moly what is this heaven right? Let me show you how easy they are to make!
 I promise its way better than anything involving sausage meat and breadcrumbs! Fact.


  • A batch of brownies.                                   Buy or make your own. HERE is my recipe, I only baked it for 30mins too so its soft.

  • Chocolate Eggs.                                                I went for my fave Caramel and some Creme Eggs but go with what you fancy I also got some small eggs, creme and Oreo.

  • Chocolate - melted for decorating.

  • Sprinkles, crushed mini eggs and salted pretzels.

1.Put the whole batch of brownies in a large bowl and break it all up with your hands, scrunching into a ball. The crust (best bit in my opinion) will crumble in like chocolate chips but the brownie should have the texture of soft play dough to me able to mould around the eggs. If its tougher beat in a little bit of buttercream in to it. 

2. Take a golfball amount of brownie and squash it around the chocolate egg so it completely covered then roll into a ball with your palms. Place on a flat surface for decoration.  

Salted Caramel - Drizzle on some melted chocolate, and add some pretzels and a sprinkle of rock salt. 

Creme Egg - Drizzle on some chocolate and sprinkle on some crushed up mini eggs.

Other ideas - what about completely rolling in sprinkles, or cocoa, or popping candy. Decorate with crushed up Oreo’s, Reece’s pieces or Maltesers…..Go wild. I literally don't think there could be a bad option here.

I popped them in the fridge for 10mins just to set them a little. Then served as dessert, it's so satisfying chopping in half first though to see the gooey middle! 

I’d def like one of these at Easter….or anytime.


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