A ray of sunshine.

I posted before when I did for my friend who was having a tough week and everyone was asking for the info. I think it's fair to say from Frontline/Key workers to exhausted parents to lonely neighbours to mentally struggling pals we could all use a pick me up. So I've put it here. 

I love to do these little gifts for friends who need a boost, as a thank you or they are also ideal as Teacher gifts. It's a smaller version of my popular Movie Night Gift boxes if you have a few to get for.  

Super easy you just buy lots of little treats and gifts in yellow and orange if you can so they look like a ray of sunshine!

Spend just a few pounds or as much as you like but no matter what I guarantee the recipient will be delighted.

My favourites are:

Body Wash
Hand Cream
Face Mask

Other options - Footpack in orange blossom, Peanut M and M's, Juicy fruit gum etc. 

There are loads of options out there when you look, I love Home Bargains as seems to have a lot of great goodies.

I saw these for Teachers to pop in too, according to Archie "They NEED Hand Sanitiser...a lot. Teachers love it" - I bet they do! 

All you will need is:
Cellowrap - inexpensive from Hobbycraft etc
Yellow Ribbon.
Yellow Paper or card.

1. Cut a large piece of cellowrap big enough to wrap all the goodies up and lie it on a flat surface.

2. Arrange your sunny goodies in the middle of the cellowrap and pull both the sides of the cellowrap up high around the goodies and scrunch it at the top, securing with a large piece of cellotape.

3. Use a few extra pieces to secure the sides - for more info check my Movie Night Box here.

4. Draw a sun on the yellow card and cut it out, placing a small hole in the top.

5. Write a nice note on the back and then secure with lots of yellow ribbon around the top.

Voila. A ray of sunshine to brighten anyones day! 


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