Chocolate Truffle Recipe

This is such an easy and yummy recipe! 

If you remember my Best Ever Chocolate Cake this is what I do with any left overs of the's so popular I now make a batch just for these truffles. 


Slow Cooker Fudge! #recipe

Not many people can say a slow cooker changed their life but I really can ha! A Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate blog which out the blue went totally viral - Have I thanked you all enough for that?! Thank you!!! - it has given me experiences I never imagined and did no end of good for my little old blog. Sooo I'm always trying to pay it back by trying new, amazing and sometimes cool recipes in it. This is one.


Fake Tan Tutorial

How do you have a year round tan? 

I think this is one of the things I get asked most about on social media and I've been asked to blog it many times, so here it is! It's probably great timing for all of us in need of a glow this time of year. This picture was taken in November!


Christmas Cake Recipe

It's a myth that you have to make a Christmas cake months in advance.

There. I said it. It's out there.

I can hear professional foodies shuddering but it's the truth to me. I have made this cake hundreds of times and I truly can't tell the difference if it's been made for months or days ago - I have made it 3 days before it was needed, for a friend and it was still delicious. So fear not if you haven't made yours. 

 Lets do this.


Christmas DIY Advent Calendar.

I love doing this for my boys every year, it just brings an extra touch of magic and for kids paces out the lonnnng month of December with lots of entertain/fun.