I voted Leave but I'm not racist or selfish or stupid.... #Brexit

OK so the last one could be argued a few times in my life, notably in 1994 when I cut my cats whiskers right down because I thought they looked tatty....but I didn't realise she needed them for balance. Ooops soz Daisy. I am however, normally sound of mind though. I especially was, when I cast my vote to Leave the EU. In my last blog I had my 2p on why I was personally voting OUT, in case you missed it Here


Bacon wrapped, crab stuffed jalapeños.

Say that fast 3 times, even the title though....OH Momma right.


Disney Reveal Bag

I have seen a few people who haven't told the kids about a trip to Disney do a little reveal bag of goodies or clues which are fab. Now the boys already knew we were going to France with Granny for a  holiday and over heard us chatting about possibly stopping at Disneyland Paris on the way so the cat was out the bag but it was nice for them to get excited at the build up...it also turned out to be a great bargaining tool for excellent behaviour in the weeks before too. So I decided to bring a little magic to our boys and do a "Gift from Mickey Mouse" this would work for any Disney vacation why not squeeze as much magic as possible!