Beamish Hall Hotel

If you caught my last blog Here you will see that we had just had lunch with Santa at the beautiful Beamish Hall Hotel. We were quite worn out after all that excitment and delicious festive food, so I was delighted that we were staying over instead of going home. I have to say when I booked it, the idea of a night away to kick off our Christmas holidays sounded great but as it approached and I hadn't even finished my Christmas shopping, never mind wrapped anything or written out a card and I have I mentioned we have 15 for lunch on Christmas day?... 


S'more? #recipe

This was originally in my now famous Hot Chocolate Recipe but I've been asked for it in a separate blog so here it is. 

Warming and indulgent, so perfect for this time of year...especially with Hot chocolate he he.

The Alnwick Garden #ChristmasTale

Nothing says Christmas or Magic more than twinkly lights so if you want a bit of magic before Christmas, get yourself along to Alnwick Gardens there is hundreds...

They have an incredible light show by the company Enchanted Places who do amazing light shows all over the UK including Buckingham Palace and more locally the Durham Lumiere. A Christmas Tale -an enchanting family experience, Is running every night until the 23rd December.


Chocolate Truffle Recipe

This is the easiest and yummiest recipe you will ever see on my blog. 

If you remember my Best Ever Chocolate Cake this is what I do with any left overs of the ganache...it's so popular I now make a batch just for these truffles. 


Fat Hippo Underground


If I had one word to describe Fat Hippo it most definitely would be Food-Porn. It has picked one thing (Burgers) and just knocked its socks off, making them to perfection. I love a good 'Dirty' Burger...sorry this is getting all a bit Nigella but I do and now I'm bitterly disappointed if its not as good as a Fat Hippo Burger. 


The Perfect Girls night in! #ProseccoStand

So I was well over due a girls night, but this time of year it freezing and everyone is skint so I decided to have it at my house and it...ho ho ho coincided with the release of 'Magic Mike XXL'...major eye candy and perfect chick flick if you haven't seen it. So that was it I decide to do a grown up version of my Movie Party which I did for Archie's birthday. 


Sohe and 97 Social Christmas Experience

I've known my 3 bestie's Carly, Clare and Marie since I was 11, we have all moved around the country... actually the world and Marie is now in the RAF so it's often hard for us to meet up. We therefor always take any opportunity we can to get-together. The date was set and we had literally just said "lets do something different for a change" instead of cheap pizza and cheaper wine, when an email pinged onto my screen. 


Pauls Private Dining

I first met Paul at a Blogging party about 2yrs ago. I was fresh on the scene, didn't know anyone and to be honest bloggers can be a quiet bunch despite being so bold in print. Paul immediately came over though with a friendly smile to say "Hi" and as soon as he said he was 1. A food blogger and 2. A trained Chef we instantly clicked. If you know me there's no explanation needed but to me all the best people in life love to eat!

I went on to learn about his lovely wife Christine and although he had worked under some great head chefs his dream was to set up his own food business, cooking for people in the comfort of their own home. I thought it was a genius idea as although I myself love to cook there are plenty of times I cant be bothered and as the husbands skills don't stretch more than cereal and if you follow my Facebook page you will have seen OMELETTE GATE....so Paul would definitely come in handy.


Mulled Wine Recipe #slowcooker

After the phenomenon of 'The Hot Chocolate Station' where I also mentioned my Mulled Wine in the slow cooker, I was inundated for the recipe. Thank you so much everyone for all the interest and here it is...

This is perfect in a slow cooker because it keeps it warm with out having to keep turning the hob up and down or fussing with it at a party for example AND more importantly it doesn't burn off the alcohol!

Don't forget to feed the kids....

I don't know about you but this time of year I'm flat out writing Christmas Cards and wrapping presents. Rushing from Nativity's to Christmas party's.....for the kids! All of a sudden they say "What's for tea?".....shit forgot I need to feed them AS WELL ha ha. 

I'm a big fan of a good beige freezer tea but not too many times in a week...even they start to complain. Also sometimes need a good meal on the go when going straight from school to the many activity's. Just wanted to share an idea I do and showed last year which my kids love